Please continue to educate Singaporeans

2 November 2004

Dear Dr Chee,

I refer to your article, AFFIDAVIT TAKEN FROM ME: CHEE published in The Straits Times on 23 October 2004.

As a 38-year-old Singaporean, I read with great interest and encouragement on your cause and the principles that you stand for.

Although the media has not shown you in very good light during the last election, the letter you have written certainly lends much credence to your political cause, will power and motivation.

I just wanted to tell you that it was a well-written letter that has given many Singaporeans a better factual insight into how the PAP has been conducting itself, and how governmental channels have exercised double-standard when it comes to opposition members.

Please continue to educate our Singaporean voters on the real issues instead of being simply misled and misinformed by the politically motivated media.

I believe many Singaporeans alike have great respect for your courage and the cause you stand for all this while. We hope to support you when the opportunity arises again.

Please keep well and 3 BIG Cheers to you Dr Chee!


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