SDP playing right role

2 November 2004

Dear Dr Chee,

You have been accused in these columns of being negatively critical on every issue of governance you bring out for discussion. I think your critics should see this in the light of the role of political opposition in a democracy. It’s rather like proceedings in a court trial, where the defence has to play the role of arguing against the prosecution, leaving the prosecution to do its job.

The aim is that both sides of the case would then be thoroughly presented for the jury or judges to judge. If the defence tries to be ‘constructive’ and not do its best to destroy the prosecution, the best possible defence might not be achieved, for a fair judgement that takes cognisance of all sides of the case. The prosecution (make no mistake about it) will also make the best possible case, and will not be ‘constructive’ towards the opposition!

Reading your postings on this website, I have been made aware of issues i had not realised before. Thank you.


SDP: Thank you for your encouraging words. It must be pointed out, however, that Dr Chee has published a few books where he has explicitly laid out alternative policies. How destructive is this?

Unfortunately the PAP-controlled media does not publish such information and Singaporeans are kept in the dark. The Singapore Democrats have not just critised PAP policies, but we have given the reasons for the criticisms and offered alternatives to the policies.

It is worrying that the PAP continues to control the information flow in Singapore and deny Singaporeans the truth

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