Many brainwashed citizens in S’pore

8 November 2004

Dear Dr Chee,

I refer to the forum letter on Nov 6, 2004 in the PAP-controlled Straits Times, ‘Judiciary arbitrary? Chee should explain’. Historically, there is evidence of problems with the legal system in Singapore whenever court cases involve the PAP and the Opposition.

However, there are many who do not believe it. Partly it is ignorance stemming from the PAP-dominated media, partly because nobody important has dared say it.

This Odiarthavar is one such brainwashed person, despite his good intentions to remain objective. The horrifying thought is that he might not be the only one. There are just too few of us. The Opposition must educate the masses before more and more people like Odiarthavar fall under the PAP’s spell.

I support your efforts to bring democracy in Singapore. Hopefully, that day will come very soon.

E. C.

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