SDP policies needed for nation’s future

8 November 2004

The SDP,

In the light of the recent economic downturns and the imminent terrorist threat the nation is facing, I believe it’s time for a change of government.

Upon reviewing the 5-point economic plan as proposed by the SDP, I am impressed and optimistic about Singapore’s future if there ever is a
chance to implement those reforms.

I am aware of the failures of the PAP you have highlighted in your website, and I do have plenty more faults to find with the way the PAP rules the country. As I generally see the SDP policies as a key to a brighter future for the nation, I wish to join the ranks of the SDP permanently as a member and eventually represent the SDP in the next elections.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication in the USA in a twinning program with the Managing Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). At the age of 18 now, I will fly over to the USA in early 2006 where I will eventually graduate come mid of 2006. I do not believe that my age is factor in understanding the political situation in the country and my desire to overthrow the PAP will serve me well if I do join the SDP as a member.

Please contact me.


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