Yes, I am a Democrat too

8 November 2004

Dear Dr Chee,

I have been following your reports on your SDP website very closely for the last few weeks. I have always been a firm believer in the freedom of speech and expression.

Sadly, we are being deprived of this basic human right in this country. It is therefore not a secret why Singapore has never achieved full first world country status. I am an full-time national serviceman who just got enlisted not too long ago after living in Spain for a year.

I was warned by the SAF not to join any opposition party after declaring my political views. Dr Chee, you have more courage and mental tenacity than any other Commando or Officer I’ve met in the army. I don’t need black bars over my shoulders to remind me that I am leader. Leaders are born, not made.

I wish to be part of the SDP and help achieve full democracy for this country.


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