Why its easy to support PAP

16 November 2004

The problem and fault of the Singapore political scene today simply
does not lie with the PAP. Firstly, I am not living in Singapore and
am not a PAP fan or member. I am just looking at events objectively
and rationally and the truth is the failure of the opposition to be of
any substantial challenge is because they have not been able to
attract talented individuals to serve with the opposition, they have
not been able to develop a coherent plan and ideology to challenge the
PAP. Choosing between the PAP and SDP is a no-brainer, its like asking
a person to choose between a souped up lamborghini and a old broken
down trishaw. It is obvious who the people would choose and would
explain why the SIngapore people has voted for PAP the last 30
something years.

Instead of attracting talented individuals to join their parties and
developing viable and rational alternatives. All the SDP has done is
to trash and rubbish the PAP. This is just simply ‘circus’ politics.
Not unlike the US presidential election it was basically reduced to a
slinging match. Audiences could not even tell if either candidates
were telling the truth, much of it was just entertaining rhetoric.
Does Singapore want that sort of political process? Does being
democratic means going the way of the US political process?

Democracy is a generic term and blindly wanting to follow an American
style democracy might not necessarily be the best thing. The fact is,
the incumbent in SIngapore (PAP) in this case has created a system of
rational politics based on values, integrity of the candidates and
having a good plan and policies. It is up to the opposition to work
within this premises to challenge the PAP and establish a viable
opposition in Singapore if they want to have a serious balance in
political power.

Parties like SDP also have to be rid of members like Dr. Chee Soon
Juan who has lost all credibility with Singaporeans. Having him on in
the opposition only tarnishes the rest of the work other opposition
members are trying to achieve. When someone loses credibility,
especially in the political system in Singapore, that person is
finished. It is time for the opposition to move on, get rid of him and
start looking inwards at how they can rebuild. Continually lambasting
the PAP is not democracy. It is just cheap, dirty politics that show
the shallowness and the incapability of the oppostion to enable
themselves to be taken seriously. Seriously. Do yourselves and
everyone a favor by improving the image, reputation and policies of
the oppostion. Because if the opposition continues to be so lame, it
will be so easy for me and all other Singaporeans to cast their votes
in future elections.


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