Singaporeans, defend Singapore

The judges decision to award Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong $500,000 comes as no surprise. I am merely the latest in a long line of opposition politicians who have been sued and bankrupted by PAP leaders.

The tactic of the PAP is two-fold: One is to make an example of critics who seek political reform in Singapore so that other Singaporeans will be terrorized into keeping their heads bowed and mouths shut. The second is to make such critics bankrupt so that they cannot stand for elections. The PAP may achieve these goals in the short-term with such tactics but in the longer-term, its continued dictatorial ways will not last.

I call on Singaporeans defend Singapore. Our forefathers had fought and died for this country, and the PAP has absolutely no right to hijack it for its own interests.

The PAP cannot continue its repression and exploitation of this country if citizens do not allow it. No one is completely powerless. Each of us wields the power to change the ways of this government. In order to harness this power, however, we have to come together as a people. To this end, the Singapore Democrats will continue to find ways for Singaporeans to exercise their political and human rights, and to bring people together so that the collective voice of the citizens can be heard.

While the damages will financially cripple me even further, it will not deter me from continuing with my work. I may not be able to stand for elections when Mr Lee and Mr Goh make me a bankrupt, but I will continue to help my party colleagues during elections as well as organise Singaporeans and encourage them to stand up for themselves.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew said: “If nobody is afraid of me, Im meaningless.” Isnt it tragic that a human being finds meaning in life by making others fear him? Mr Lee may have made his life more meaningful, but it will be Singapores future that will become meaningless if it continues to be run on fear.

I will only stop doing what I am doing if I succumb to this fear. But I have decided a long time ago that I will not make the Minister Mentors life even more meaningful.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party

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