Stop telling Singaporeans to speak up

10 January 2005

The letter below by Mr Gopalan Nair was sent to the SDP.

Hello Mr. Vivian,

I suggest you stop wasting your time telling people in Singapore to speak up. You must know what happened to Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Mr J. B. Jeyaretnam after they spoke up. With your Singapore newspaper telling the people exactly what would happen if they did what you suggest, do you really expect anyone in that island to take you seriously?

I suggest you stop wasting time by uttering this stupidity. It is like Hitler of the 3rd Reich telling the Germans that they should have the courage to criticize the Nazi party, when only a few days ago, they had executed people for doing just that.

Continue with what you do if that pleases you, but stop this nonsense of telling people to speak up. Thank you.

Fremont, California
An American citizen and former inmate of the island of