Activists protest Aussie PM in S’pore

Sydney Morning Herald
2 February 2005

Two animal rights activists interrupted a speech by Australian Minister John Howard in Singapore yesterday by dashing in front of the podium and shouting, “Boycott Australian Wool”.

Mr Howard had just started his address at the Australian Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Shangri-La Hotel when the American women, belonging to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), got up from a “media table” in the rear and rushed to the front.

They called on the surprised Prime Minister to stop the practice of “mulesing”, in which farmers remove folds of skin from the backsides of live animals.

The women, identified as Rochelle Regodon and Allison Ezell, quickly distributed brochures to some of the dignitaries, academics and prominent businessmen before hurrying out of the ballroom. They were later stopped by the hotel’s security staff.

Such protests are rare in restrictive Singapore and it was not immediately known what action, if any, would be taken against the duo.

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