Why be a Singaporean

24 February 2005

Yes, why be a singaporean?

I used to be proud to be a Singaporean, when compared to my neighbours the Malaysian, we were considered more modern and advanced in economy… those were the innocent days when as a youth, I went around being proud of my “country” Singapore.

But why be a Singaporean?

Look at my present situationwhy has my opinion changed and why do I feel sad to be a Singaporean now? Why am I on the verge of breakdown…angry with the Singapore government and all your stringent rulings…

Yes, why be a singaporean?

I am a single mother…my baby is turning 1 year old and I have no home to call my own…why? I’ve turned for help to many organisations…even to my neighbourhood PAP MP…but all my requests for a home has been rejected…why?

I have to work hard to earn enough money to provide for my baby, and as if that is not difficult enough for a single mother, I have to set aside money for renting a place to stay…why?

Mostly, I’m deeply offended my the reply letter I received from HDB…I quote: “We wish to explain that the government’s public housing policy is aimed at promoting family formation through marriages. To discourage unmarried parenthood, a single unmarried mother is therefore not eligible to buy/rent a HDB flat with the child born out of wedlock”

“As you are not officially married to your child’s father, it is regretted that HDB is unable to accede to your request to buy/rent a flat with your child who was born out of wedlock”

Yes, why be a Singaporean?

Yes, I am a single mother…but note that I am not an uneducated, 16-year old girl with a baby…I’m a woman reaching my 30s soon and marriage is not something you rush yourself into…not even if you have a baby.

Is the Singapore government and HDB promoting family life or are they forcing young couples to get married to get a flat? I feel being cornered by the Singapore rulings and regulations…am I to find just any man to marry so that I can get shelter? So I have to force myself into a marriage alliance that will definitely not last…that will end in divorce?

Yes, why be a Singaporean.

I’m proud to be a single mother. The neighbours may talk…my relatives may whisper behind my back…but they are not feeding me and my baby. No one is supporting me…I stand on my own feet… I am strong. I will survive…But can I survive in Singapore? I was fuming when I had to make a birth certificate for my baby…We are being discriminated by our own country…I am no longer proud to be a Singaporean. I am not proud that my baby is a Singaporean. I ignored all the whispers and gossip…but how can I ignore my country turning against me…the letter from HDB kept mentioning “child out of wedlock” …so my baby is not human…my baby doesn’t need a home? I feel like burning that letter but no…I must keep it for evidence to show…to explain to my baby that she must not be proud to be Singaporean…to tell her that we cannot stay here forever…

Yes, why be a Singaporean?

I’m smart…I have always excelled in my studies…I will give myself 5 years…I will migrate…Singapore is not my home country…I have no benefits in being a Singaporean…no reason to stay…Goodbye everyone…I know I’ll do better elsewhere…I will rather pay tax elsewhere…I will rather spend my money elsewhereBut never on Singapore who has rejected me and my baby…NEVER.


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