PAP’s foreign connections

Mr Lee Kuan Yew has accused Dr Chee Soon Juan of being a stooge of foreigners because Dr Chee and the SDP are members of, or have affiliation with, international organisations. What about the PAP?

1. PAP still “maintain links” with Socialist International

Statement by BG(NS) George Yeo, Chairman of YPAP (on YPAP website): “We need to increase our own awareness of external affairs and to promote friendly links with political parties in other countries, an International Relations Section will be formed. Although we are not part of an international network of fraternal political parties – not since the PAP left the Socialist International – we still maintain links with them.”

2. YPAP visits UMNO Youth in 2000 and hosts Barisan Nasional Youth in 2002

YPAP and Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth have concluded a dialogue in conjunction with the latter’s visit to the Republic of Singapore (28 Feb – 2 March 2002). The dialogue was conducted in a friendly, warm and cordial atmosphere, underlying the close ties between the two sides.

3. Lee Kuan Yewsits on board of Daimler-Chrysler, JP Morgan and Total

Lee Hsien Loong, last year told Singapore’s parliament that Lee Kuan Yew’s membership of the advisory boards of car maker Daimler-Chrysler, financial giant JP Morgan and oil major Total helped the Senior Minister realise that Singapore needed to aspire to global standards to remain a player in the world market.

4. Lee Kuan Yew visits Beijing for Daimler Chrysler.
Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew will visit Beijing from April 20 to 27 2004 to participate in a Daimler Chrysler International Advisory Board meeting.

5. Lee Kuan Yew sits on the Board of Institute for International Economics.
The Institute for International Economics is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of international economic policy.

6. Lee Kuan Yew will speak at the Council of Foreign Relations on Sept 27

7. Lee Kuan Yew receives highest honour at Imperial College.

8. Lee Kuan Yew receives Honorary degree from Chinese University of Hong Kong.

9. Foreigners in the National Wages Council.

Mr Hiroyuki Izumi
Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Singapore

Mr Alexander C Melchers
Vice President
German Business Association

Mr Landis W. Hicks
Immediate Past Chairman
The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Mr Masafumi Mikami
Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Singapore

Mr Thomas Frischmuth
Advisory Council Member
German Business Association

Mr Christopher James
Vice Chairman (Information)
The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore,1858,1271——–5650—-,00.html+Singapore+National+Wages+Council+board&hl=en

12. NTUC participates in FNF activities
The NTUC also conducts several training programs, mostly for its senior leaders with assistance from various international bodies. It also participates in the activities of the Industrial Relations Forum, a joint venture of the Employers’ Council of the Federation of the Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF).

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