Reply to Rosmati Jumardi III

7 March 2005

Dear Sirs and Madams

I refer to the 17-year old student’s letter, Rosiati ,who vehemently praises PAP and criticises those who speak against the same.

Rosiati is indeed a very young person who has a naive perspective of Singapore. There are many things yet for her to learn although she could have rightfully compared our living environs to our neighbors where kampongs and squatters are still prevalent.

So tender age is her that she mistakes what this site is meant for.
Ten to twenty years from now when she is come of age, and if Singapore is still under the PAP regime with the same mechanism, she will have a different perspective after reading what she thinks as the best posting she has posted here.

There is no point trying to cajole her at this age, she should look beyond Malaysia and Indonesia. She has got the wrong idea of what is called opposition party.

I wonder why she is in the debate team if she only believes in one angle of viewing things. I am not convinced what she is trying to do. Please ask her not to pose things she do not understand.

We should forgive her, she is still young.


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