Government so clever

15 March 2005


I’m a fellow Singaporean but now reside in another country. My family will come home to vote for you every time there is an election.

Our Government is really doing a lousy job but gets paid so highly. We are so sad that two young families ended that way so sad and I’m sure there are many more families that are suffering that we dont know about.

Though the Government is not totally responsible for their actions but my life is very tough to continue on in Singapore. When Singaporeans are hit with the crisis, our Government made it difficult to help us with so many conditions, even saying that we should not be a welfare state.

So clever is the Government that The New Paper reported: They studied the wrong literature textbook for the O-level exams. Even stranger is that no one spotted the mistake. Not the students, not their teachers, not the Education Ministry, not the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, and not even the Singapore Examinations and Assessments Board. What are they doing?

Keep up the good fight!


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