Unfair to hearing impaired

15 March 2005

I am hearing impaired but can hear with the help of a hearing aid and communicate well in English.

I have a troubled heart over by hunting for jobs. I don’t get enough satisfaction with the work that I am doing because I feel that I waste my certificates and education on such a simple job like data entry. I am wondering why don’t I get the job similar to what I learnt at the ITE. All the job applications that I am interested to apply for, which fit my education, experience, and career interests are all rejected by employers because of my hearing impairment.

I get discouraged and disappointed. At same time I blame hearing people for not giving me a chance. I know the next thing you are going to say is to change my mindset. But I feel that this is not fair because from what I observe my ex-colleagues (who are not hearing impaired) are not serious in their work. They end up making a lot of mistakes whereas I, being deaf and needing to work so hard and concentrate well, have to proofread and edit the errors for them. Yet they get higher pay than I do although we are in the same positions.

Why cannot I get the job that I like? Why must I have to lower my expectation? Why cannot I get the salary as the market rate?


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