Fighting cyber terror or monitoring S’poreans?

21 March 2005

I read with disdain the recent initiatives by the Singapore Government to expand more tools to “safeguard our cyber infrastructure”. My response to
this is bull****!

The fact that this call to defend against cyber terror comes from a reigning Minister of Defence, tells us

Militarists have always used “defence” as a convenient excuse to develop worse arsenal of offensive weapons. I believe that this so-called defence against terror is nothing but an attempt to boost the state’s surveillance technologies on its own citizens, to further cripple the growing and burgeoning feeling in Singapore that “WE DO NOT NEED THE PAP AND WE CAN STILL SURVIVE” mentality that is growing among more and more disillusioned people.

I foresee a day when People Power will force the change in Singapore with or without these oppressive technologies being imposed in the name of defence.

The people need defence not against an imagined enemey but the clear and present danger that is the Men in White.


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