SDP not credible party

29 March 2005

SDP is not a credible party.

1. Being an oppo party against PAP, you have members and supporters attacking WP all the time on the internet just because they are growing and you are not.

2. The attacks contain lots of untruths and lies. SDP has more to hide and despite so attack WP weaknesses.

3. Martin See is not SDP member? My source tells me other wise. Lying to the press abt his membership with SDP yet come to internet to lie and accuse WP of lying.


PS: Dare to (publish my letter without) Change?

PS2: My warning to SDP — stop the attacks on WP esp on Sammyboymod for the truth abt Martin See will be exposed. Take my wager?

SDP: Dear EmptyCage,

The Singapore Democrats have no information that its members are actively attacking any political party on the Internet. If you have any evidence that this is happening please forward it to us and we would be happy handle the matter.

To be sure, there have also been numerous attacks against the SDP. Many of them have even written to this website and their letters have been posted. The best way to expose “untruths and lies” is to answer them with reasoned argument and logical persuasion, not “shut up or else…” This is the PAP’s tactic and it would be a shame for the opposition to try to imitate it. To cite Voltaire, while we fight with the views of our detractors, we will fight even harder to defend their right to express them. It is called freedom of speech and it is the cornerstone of democracy, a principle which we hold dear as Democrats.

But principles are easier to fight for than live by. It would be a shame for us to excoriate the PAP for denying us the right to freely express ourselves and then turn around and threaten those who disagree with us. The Internet is a forum where a myriad of subjects and a spectrum of opinion on these subjects can be expressed without censorship and control by the PAP. There are many things posted there which are disagreeable to many who participate in, or simply browse, it. Defend against those that attack you if you must, ignore them if you choose. But please respect everyone’s right to express their opinion – intelligent or inane, reasonable or rude. We have enough PAP censorship in Singapore to last us many lifetimes, let us protect this little corner of freedom zealously.

We believe that you are referring to Martyn See and not Martin See, the film-maker who made the documentary Singapore Rebel. For the record, Mr See is not a member of the Singapore Democrats.

We thank you for your email despite our inability to agree with you.

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