The Rhetoric

“I believe we’ve got a responsible press. They are not ashamed of what they are doing..”
– Mr Lee Kuan Yew on the press in Singapore.

The Reality

“Mediacorp TV has been fined $10,000 for airing “sexually suggestive and offensive” footage from the sex-scandal video of Taiwanese legislator Chu Mei-feng.”
– Straits Times, Feb 23 2002

“Our dear opposition “rebel” Chee gets sued for defamation for asking about the 10-billion dollar loan, is denied the right to speak up in support of the Malays in the tudung issue, and gets only a few minutes to speak on TV. Instead the current Miss World Wh*** Chu Mei Feng got a whole half-hour slot on Channel U on Friday to highlight her arrival in Singapore AND WAS GIVEN THE RIGHT TO PERFORM on stage. What a joke Sillypore has turned out to be.”
– A (pissed-off) forumner on the Internet

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