The Rhetoric

“… it did somewhat baffle me that, while we went out to seek a mandate from the people very quickly, it took almost five months for Parliament to be convened for the representatives of the people to meet and discuss issues that are so crucial to Singaporeans and our future … “
– Former Speaker Tan Soo Khoon, Starits Times, Apr 4, 2002

The Reality

“…Parliament did not sit until 26th May this year, almost five months after Parliament was elected by the electorate. And in the meantime, during that period of five months, the opportunity was taken to increase the university fees, transport fares, fares for buses, MRT, taxis, and to increase the fees for the collection of waste disposal from homes and finally to increase the prices of water.”
– JB Jeyeratnam in Parliament,1998, from his book Make It Right For Singapore