SDP supporters out to destroy opposition credibility

4 April 2005

Dear SDP,

I can let go of the rest but just the following pts:

1. You may want to visit Sammyboymod forum to see how SDP supporters have been sowing discord among opposition, claiming to support SDP but not SDA and WP. If you don’t know the link I can show you The way they write portrays them as SDP members. If they are not, then that is not the impression they give. In fact many forumites are taking them as SDP members becos they claim to support only Chee and SDP and some politicians like Seow and Tang. I think this should be of your concern becos they claim they are supporters of Chee your leader. If Chee remains silent, it is taken that he endorses the attacks on other opposition and thinks SDP is chief of the opposition parties. Don’t write a long letter back to me telling me Chee doesn’t not think so with flowery words becos I believe in ACTIONS, not WORDS.

2. Attacks on SDP has always been carried by PAP supporters and not opposition supporters. Why is SDP supporters attacking SDA and WP supporters. In some instance, SDP supporters even join hands with PAP supporters to attack them!

3. You respect everyone the right to express opinions? How about opinions of SDP supporters that undermine the credibility of opposition? If you are that dumb to sit around and do nothing or practice double standards then you are not credible party.


SDP: Dear EmptyCage,

It is regretted that you have missed the point in our previous response to you. For clarity’s sake, we repeat it: The Singapore Democrats have no desire, nor do we feel that it is in the interest of free speech, to tell Internet users what they can and cannot say in cyberspace.

You presumed that many of these Internet users criticisng the WP are SDP members “becos they claim to support only Chee and SDP and some politicians like Seow and Tang.” We take it that you are referring to Francis Seow and Tang Liang Hong. There is a fundamental error in your presumption as neither Seow nor Tang have been, or are, members of the SDP. In fact, we believe that they are members of the WP. Perhaps your anger at SDP is misplaced.

You also say that “Attacks on SDP has always been carried by PAP supporters and not opposition supporters.” The Singapore Democrats do not follow Internet discussions closely and we can only presume that what you say is true. However, we do not chafe at criticisms, those from PAP supporters or otherwise. If fact, we welcome them because any party that cannot accept criticism cannot become a good government when they win power. In politics the bitter comes with the sweet, praise comes with criticism. We repeat: If you feel the need, answer your critics, otherwise leave them alone. Trying to shut them up is unbecoming of a political party, especially one that champions democracy.

The Singapore Democrats would never ask its supporters to join hands with PAP supporters to criticise other opposition parties. However, we are of the view that they are intelligent and mature people who are able to discern who is doing what is right and wrong. We may or may not agree with them, but we support their right to say them.

And speaking of undermining the credibility of the opposition, it is on public record that the SDP is the only party that asked voters to vote for all 29 opposition candidates during the last election right till the very end of the campaign. Does this sound like a party out to sabotage the cause of the opposition to establish democracy in Singapore? Any party or group that believes in, and works toward, a democratic system where human rights and freedom of Singaporeans are respected, can expect the full cooperation and support from the Singapore Democrats.

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