Republican’s reply was offensive: Clive

14 April 2005

I must write to respond to Republican’s response to my earlier posting. If anything I found it more offensive than the previous reply.

I agree that Michael Moore’s films are one sided. But these films are his side of the argument. I didn’t agree with everything in ‘Farenheit 9/11’, although I agreed with most of his points. ‘Bowling For Columbine’, however, I thought was a sound argument for gun control.

I certainly don’t trust Singapore’s legal system 100% after reading the article “Forum on the death penalty and rule of law”.

Other reasons that I’m opposed to the death penalty, include my belief that even if the person was guilty executing them would be a senseless act. There are even relatives of murder victims who hold this view.

My statement that more than half of the countries in the world have abolished the death penalty wasn’t intended as an argument for abolishing the death penalty. I was just stating a fact. During our last general election I spoke to an independent candidate who was pro death penalty, and he told me that nine out of ten people believe in capital punishment, and I replied that those nine out of ten people are wrong.

You still haven’t answered my question: When was Singapore last invaded, and what are the chances of it being invaded now. Perhaps the moderator of this website would care to supply me with the answer.

What I found distasteful in my earlier post was Republican’s assumption that because I am British I agreed with the British government’s decision to support America’s war against Iraq, when in fact I was strongly opposed. Not every British member of parliament voted to support the war. Not everyone who voted for the current Labour government supported the war. Some people went on protest marches to express their opposition to the war (although I wasn’t one of them).

As Republican said Britain is a democracy and a free country, and if the government makes a decision that some people agree with they are perfectly entitled to express their disagreement, whether it’s by writing to a newspaper, joining a demonstration, or forming a pressure group.

You should not assume that I even voted for the current government. And I won’t tell you if I did or not because we have a secret ballot and I feel no obligation to tell anyone how I vote.

The people of Singapore deserve a lot better than the People’s Action Party.


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