SDP not a credible party: Part III

18 April 2005


I see you try to twist and turn facts. Very original of what PAP always accuse you of. For once I am inclined to think PAP is telling the truth when they say SDP is not very honest.

When did I say Seow and Tang are SDP members? I said these fellows are supporters of Chee and SDP and also Seow and Tang, the ‘sued club’. Trying to push the blame to their supporters? I will contact Seow and Tang if I can but I can’t. What matters is these people are also supporters of Chee and SDP, thats what I mean. At the least ask your supporters to behave themselves.

The SDP people are speaking ill of WP and SDA with no Seow and Tang. You jolly well know they left Singapore a long time and trying to mislead when you tell me they are from WP. I know that. Seow and Tang were members of WP, not are. Another misleading point.

When did you ask people to vote 29 candidates? Show me the report please.

I found out former MP Cheo Cai Chen and Kwan Ywe Keng are no longer with your party CEC. Seow Yong Chew has pass away! Why are their names still in the web site? Why you put dead man names on web site?

Why SDP talk so much abt PAP incompetence and you don’t even update your web site?


PS Dare publish this letter again?

SDP: We highlighted the point about Tang Liang Hong and Francis Seow because you mentioned that SDP members and supporters were attacking the WP and SDA and supporting Dr Chee and SDP.

Your exact words were: …SDP supporters have been sowing discord among opposition, claiming to support SDP but not SDA and WP…In fact many forumites are taking them as SDP members becos they claim to support only Chee and SDP and some politicians like Seow and Tang.

We were merely pointing out that it is not true that SDP supporters have been sowing discord among the opposition because they support SDP and not SDA or WP. According to you, these Internet commentators also support Tang Liang Hong and Francis Seow, who are (or were) WP not SDP members. (We will just take your word that Tang and Seow are no longer members of WP although you have not given us any indication that what you say is the official situation, not that we care either way.) It seems clear, therefore, that these people support both SDP and and non-SDP opposition politicians and, by extension, the matter cannot be a simple one of SDP members and supporters sowing discord among the opposition.

SDPs Assistant Secretary-General Wong Hong Toy called for voters to vote for all 29 opposition candidates at its final rally in the 2001 general elections. It may or may not have been reported by the media. The matter was discussed and the Singapore Democrats decided that it would be important for Singaporeans to see some cross-opposition-party support.

As for the partys website, we thank EmptyCage for highlighting that some of our pages need to be updated. He (or she) may be happy to note that the Party is revamping the website which the reader will see in the not-too-distant future.

The SDP posts letters on this website because there are valid arguments and interesting points that our readers make. Emptycage has dared us twice and twice we have posted his letters. But please note that the SDP does not post letters on a dare or not basis. This is the type of tricks that kids make on playgrounds not befitting serious political discussion. If Emptycage advances new arguments in his next email, we would be happy to continue the debate. As it stands, the exchange has run its course and we will bring this thread to a close.

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