SDP will have immense support

18 April 2005

To the Singapore Democrat Party,

My name is Gaanashree Wood and I am a Singaporean. I have always lionized Singapore and forever been proud of her and her achievements. But recent activity surrounding the S. Murugesu v the State case and the dismissal of his appeal has saddened me greatly. The fact is that taking the life of this man could spell the eventual doom of his twin sons and possibly decide the future of capital punishment. However, this has failed to stir any kindness or humanity within the heart of the adjudicator. Now he has appealed to President Nathan for clemency. I have begun to question my faith in the Singapore Government and its jurisdiction. I fear the outcome of this appeal and what it may come to represent.

Another perturbing issue is the detention of Mr Boon Suan Ban and Mr Robert Ho at the Institute of Mental Health for criticising the Singapore Government. There are questions about the matter that need to answered.

I believe there is to be an election coming up in 2006/2007 and for the first time I will be able to vote. Should I too follow the herd and vote for the domineering PAP or for once take a stand? I think the Singapore Democratic Party has to stand up and speak out, not just for themselves but for all Singaporeans without a voice. I have seen the economic plans SDP has planned for Singapore and I am impressed and believe that it will work. SDP can change the future of human rights, free thought, free press and media and freedom of speech in Singapore if it aims towards it.

Fear not and take campaigning that step further and open the eyes of Singaporeans who are blind to what is happening. Take that one step and the party will be surprised by the immense support. And if the party does take that risk and give it all they have, the party will definitely have another vote, mine.


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