Casino levy makes us less than foreigners

20 April 2005

I cannot help but feel so in my land of birth.

Everyone had antipated, despite opposition, the Government’s decision on the casino issue. But never, never in our wildest imaginations could or would we have expected the proposed imposition of the $100-a-day/$2000-a-year rule on fellow citizens.

Not that every citizen is clamouring to be on the local casino’s VIP list or jostling to get into gaming rooms – the dire economic conditions of the past several years and an even gloomier outlook for the next several make sure that only the exclusively rich can. But the very fact that such a rule will be imposed at all shows how we are and will continue to be treated in our very own piece of the earth.

Disillusionment does not even begin to describe how many like myself feel…

Will the SDP stand up on this issue, Sir? Thank you.


SDP: If you think this is sad, wait till you hear that foreigners will be allowed to protest in Singapore during next year’s World Bank-IMF meeting in Singapore while Singaporeans are denied that right in their own country.

The Singapore Democrats will not rest until Singaporeans are treated as citizens, not serfs, of this country.

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