S’poreans need to stand up for their rights

20 April 2005

SHAME ON YOU SINGAPORE! The Singapore Goverment has lost its moral authority to rule Singapore with the decision to build the Casino. This government isn’t a moral government. It has blatantly chosen to ignore more pressing economic issues to indulge in immoral pursuits.

The Singapore government has also lost its economic authority since the Asian financial crisis with the inability to create jobs and prevent high unemployment in Singapore. All Singaporeans should rally to vote out this government which has no place in Singapore.

Singaporeans are a bunch of cowards. They are too obedient towards the regime. Their loyalty is misplaced. They are a blind people who don’t understand universal sufferage and freedom. Stand up for your rights, Singapore Citizens. Do you want to see the PAP government morally and economically bankrupt Singapore. Make your presence and voices heard by condemning the `Pay and Pay’ greedy government.

Why is the USA ignoring the blatant gross human rights abuses in South East Asia especially Malaysia and Singapore? The USA should use its political clout and economic muscle in the world to force through political reforms and economic reforms in South East Asia. The USA must be the `big boss man’ as it’s the only global superpower capable of bringing world peace and securing universal freedom. ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’.


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