Reply to Matt Ngo

22 April 2005

Hello Matt Ngo

Are you a Singaporean? If not, please keep your bloody big mouth shut. SHAME ON YOU SDP! Allowing this stupid article from Matt Ngo to be posted on your website to curse your own fellow Singaporeans. What type of opposition party is that?

You commented “The Singapore Goverment has lost its moral authority to rule Singapore with the decision to build the Casino. This government isn’t a moral government”. Are you trying to say that those countries like the USA, Australia, Malaysia who have casinos do not have moral government. What the heck are you talking about?

You said “Why is the USA ignoring the blatant gross human rights abuses in South East Asia especially Malaysia and Singapore?” What blatant gross human rights abuses are you talking about? I think the USA is the worst cuplrit who does not uphold human rights. Just see what happened to the Iraqi war prisoners in Iraq. Are the abuses by the American soldiers on the Iraqi prisoners upholding human rights? Yes, I agree with you that USA must be the `big boss man’ as it’s the only global superpower capable of bringing world peace and securing universal freedom. But don’t forget, Matt Ngo, the world is not as simple as you see, USA is also a sole global superpower capable of bringing war, chaos and uprising to a country which is not to their interest.


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