Vigil for Shanmugam

Following the enthusiasm shown by Singaporeans at the Open Singapore Centres public forum on the death penalty last weekend which saw a record turnout, a vigil for Mr Shanmugam will be held on 6 May 2005 (Friday) at 7 pm at the Substation (45 Armenian Street). Mr Shanmugam was convicted for drug trafficking and is due to be hanged in a few weeks from now.

Organised by the Arts Community, Open Singapore Centre and Think Centre, the event will include performances and other artistic displays that will highlight the death penalty in Singapore.

Madam Letchumi and Shanmugans twin sons will be present to ask Singaporeans to appeal to President Nathan to spare their sons and fathers life.

Please tell your family and friends about the vigil. Join us on 6 May to help save the life of one of our very own. Singaporeans must question the issue of the death penalty and the execution of small-time drug peddlers in this country. We have the dubious honour of having the highest number of executions per capita in world.

The Open Singapore Centre was established in 2000 by Mr J B Jeyaretnam (Chairman) and Dr Chee Soon Juan (Director) to promote transparency and democratic accountability in Singapore.

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