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Mr Martyn See who recently made a documentary about Dr Chee Soon Juan is now the subject of a police investigation. Mr See reports this in his blog

12pm, 6 May 2005 – I received a call on my mobile from Assistant Superintendent Chan Peng Kuang from the Central Police Station informing me that the police had obtained a copy of ‘Singapore Rebel’ and is in the process of “investigation” although he did not disclose on what charge.

In a civil and almost apologetic tone, he asked if we could meet on Tuesday 10 of May. I replied that I was working that day and asked to meet tomorrow morning (7 may 2005) instead. He then replied that he would be overseas and would make time for the “interview” at my convenience. So the date is fixed for the “interview” on Tuesday at 7pm at the Central Police Station on Cantonment Road.

He asked too if the Singapore International Film Festival has acknowledgement slips to verify my submission of ‘Singapore Rebel’ for the short film competition. And then added another query as to whether other person(s) were involved in the production process. After I replied that both answers were negative, he expressed relief at the answer to his second question, to which I can only venture that his relief stems from the thought that he doesn’t need to interview anyone else but me.

‘Singapore Rebel’ was withdrawn from the SIFF on March 11 after a phone call from its director Lesley Ho. At no point did I hear from the Board of Film Censors or from any department of the Government. This is my first direct contact with the authorities since the withdrawal.

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