I refuse to be silenced

16 May 2005

Like any other activist, I refuse to be silenced. I think the PAP and their rulings extend beyond the political realm into that of self-glorification.

The death sentence is inhumane, and “the law” which condones such mindless killings defeats its own purpose. This practice goes beyond politics itself. It transcends into the realm of moral and humanity. The law and parliament is there not only to ensure there is order, it should also be to take care of its people. That is precisely why their capitalist ways should not be supported by us.

A lot of conservatives believe that capital punishment should be used as a deterrence. Little do people know that it is precisely such legislation that limits and restricts the potential that Singapore has. If we are going to allow our country to progress, we need people to be more active and be able to speak up publicly about current issues.

The people should run the government. If it goes the other way around, then it is called a military dictatorship, which will then have the potential of bringing about violent revolution.

The PAP has done a great job in silencing individuals and/or masking the important issues by placing public emphasis on other aspects of life. We deserve to know the truth. Singapore belongs to Singaporeans, not the rich pap ministers that make up less than 5% of the population.

If we want to see true justice, people must first learn to detach their lips where their mouths dont belong first. Everyone has the fear of being singled out, and that is precisely why we need some organisation. As long as we keep it peaceful and legal, it is of no grounds of arrest. Another piece of advice is for people to think before they vote. Many people dislike the trouble of voting, and that is why educating the public on such issues should be a priority.


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