Singapore Democrats all the way!

16 May 2005

I am emailing because I found a link on this website. I have been following the news over the years and I feel that Dr Chee has been extremely unfairly treated.

My name is Ryan, I am 16 years old and I am currently pursuing my studies in Australia. I recall, while I was still in Sec 1, Dr Chee had an ordinary rally and was discredited by LKY and GCT for it. He was forced to apologize, and even though he did, it was not accepted. This is very unfair.

The PAP used to be good, they rescued us from Britain and Malaysia, but I feel that now they are in the decline. The only reason why they are still in power is because the population is ageing, and most people still respect them for what they did nearly half a century ago.

NS. An issue I would like to raise. What is it all about? Why do they have to have a citizens’ army, when nowadays strength is not in numbers? Not everyone wants to go to the army, it is a total waste of time as well as a brainwashing experience. With modern warfare, big troops will not cut it.

The education system has lots of flaws in it. There is so much propaganda: Lower Sec Geography and History, Upper Sec Social Studies, Primary Social Studies, Civics and Moral Ed and above all the dreaded Chinese. I am totally against the idea of 2nd language learning. It is impossible to master both languages – or become a jack-of-all-trades.

The PAP has recently been encouraging people to speak out, and when they do, they get discredited. Dr Chee is an example, and Chen Jiahao, a PhD student in the USA, is another. I strongly believe something should be done to rectofy the situation. Dr Chee, you have my support. All the way.


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