Stop harassing Martyn See: SDP

The SDP understands that the police have questioned Mr Martyn See and have insisted that investigations will continue. The Government is to be forewarned that such harassment of Singaporeans will have repercussions.

It is clear that citizens of this country are no longer will to be doormats whenever the PAP abuses the law and rules Singapore as if it was a fiefdom. Singaporeans are waking up to the idea that we are citizens, not serfs and we demand to be treated accordingly.

Citizens have rights. One such right is that we are free to express ourselves in the manner that we see fit. Mr See has chosen to produce a film and he should be allowed to do so without State harassment. Mr See is not a member of the SDP and he has chosen to make this film entirely on his own accord.

It is clear that the Government has no intention of curtailing the production of political films. The PAP does this on a regular basis; the latest series of Up Close documentaries on PAP leaders shown on Channel News Asia is proof. What the PAP wants is to ensure that nothing similar happens for the opposition. This is arbitrary and unjust. The blatant discrimination and double standards demonstrates a complete contempt for the rule of law by the PAP. It also shows how fearful the ruling party is about Singaporeans expressing themselves and learning more about dissenting views.

The Singapore Democrats urge the Government to cease and desist in its persecution of Mr Martyn See. If the PAP chooses to go down this path, it can expect a strong reaction from the SDP.

Chee Soon Juan
18 May 2005

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