Singapore should be tolerant of dissent: Swedish MPs

It is deeply regrettable that the Government of Singapore has decided to ban our workshop in Singapore on the 14-15th of may titled “Non-violent political action”.

In a modern society claiming to be an information and technology hub,
it is stunning how the government feels threatened by even the smallest
possibility of informed, rational and non-violent dissent.

We urge the Singapore Government to be more tolerant of dissent, as any modern society fully embraces an active civil society and its international participation. If Singapore, as it claims, really wants Singaporeans to take a more active part in shaping their own future, they should instead encourage our exhange and training. Singapore should put the act where the words are.

Mr Henrik von Sydow MP, Moderate Party
Mrs Birgitta Ohlsson MP, Liberal Party
Sweden-Singapore Initiative for Democracy
May 25th 2005

The Sweden-Singapore Initiative for Democracy is a broad initiative for democracy and exchange between the civil societies of Sweden and Singapore, and is supported by three Swedish democracy assistance foundations; the Olof Palme Center, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation and the Swedish International Liberal Centre. Among the members are legislators and youth organization leaders.

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