Let people see all sides of argument

1 June 2005

I was reading the papers yesterday and I came across an article of an interview on the Home Affairs Minister. He spoke of issues concerning our society on how pampered we are and mentioned that the government cannot always be taking care of the people and that the people should look for ways to foster ties among themselves.

The minister was quite eloquent in his argument when the topic shifted to the various restrictions in our society. I totally agreed with his argument that there should be certain laws to protect the citizens. The rights of an individual should be limited before hurting the rights of another individual. The final part of the interview was on the banning of political films and a statement he made really puzzled me:

“Political videos, by their nature, will be political, will be biased and, therefore, will not be able to allow the listener or the viewer to see the whole range of arguements.”

I can understand that political videos tend to be biased but I don’t see a whole range of arguments with regards to the opposition in other sources. Where are the opposition arguments in the newspapers? I guess this Act applies to all forms of media. The people need to see the perspectives of all the parties in Singapore on various issues. That is the reality or I would say that the listener or the viewer will not be allowed to see the whole range of arguments.


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