True Account

1 June 2005

Dear fellow democrat,

I am here to share a true account, I was from the Goverment section then and every year when it come to charity donation it really piss me off, does the public know of the president star charity sure most people heard of it well the so call charity drive is to lot of people nothing else but extortion every year the sector involve target to raise a sum of money then present it to the president for the president challenge.

Little does the public know that this sum of money is not raised from donations but the management actually force those employed to donate a certain amount of money willing or unwillingly. This has been the practice for years and nobody has voiced concern over it for fear of the superior unhappiness,

If I am not wrong two years back someone wrote to the newspaper forum asking a explanation from Mindef for the above topic.

Last year when the charity drive started I approach my superior voicing my concern over this issue. His reply was to tell everybody the amount given is not forced but strongly encourage…huh really good at using his words but later on he kept asking anybody got any complain regarding or any problem to come up with the amount given.

From my knowledge a department is given a target then passed on to smaller department which in turn must try to raise the amount. I guess the immediate superior wanted face so he force us to cough out the money which many did unwillingly out of fear.

Sad to say in this time now the goverment sector even knowing of the way they hit their target pretend to ignore the practice. Really sad to say and hear and even see all this practice still continue to this day. Mentally feel so imbalance when come to think of it, sick practice!


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