Was I wrong about the death penalty in Singapore?

1 June 2005

I have a friend from the United States, who wanted to learn more about our culture and our country some time go. I described our society and laws as any ignorant Singaporean would but what she said next nearly took me off my seat. She asked me whether I was living in a police state and immediately I felt insulted.

I have been told that the laws in our country are very strict but the people are safe and happy. When I spoke on the issue of drugs and laws governing drugs, she told me that it was too extreme. In her country, an american carrying as much as what Mr. Shanmugam was carrying would normally be let off. The authorities there would normally see it as personal use. Now, thinking of Mr. Shanmugam’s case, certain things has to change. Who are we to decide on the life of a human being. He made a mistake and he should be corrected, not “hanged”.

After learning and reading more on our country’s politics, I realize things are not what they seem. Earlier I mentioned that our people are safe and happy…Was I right? or Was I wrong?. If I was wrong, then I guess I told a lie and my place in hell has been secured.


SDP: Dear Harry,

Things are not quite as drastic; no one has to go to hell just because they were wrong or told a lie. Many Singaporeans have been wrong about their views on our country. To a degree, this is quite natural given that the PAP has been censoring information over the past four decades. Being ignorant is not wrong, staying ignorant is.

With the help of the Internet, the Singapore Democrats hope to provide information that our readers would not otherwise read in the controlled mainstream media. You can help by alerting more of your friends and colleagues to this and other website carrying alternative views and information.

Remember, information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

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