Welcome to the new website

We’re proud to present to you the revamped Singapore Democrats’ website. We have added several features to provide readers with more information both about us as a party as well as about political developments in and around Singapore.

In Who We Are we give you an idea of the leadership of the party, its objects, and our international affiliations. What We Stand For clearly spells out our positions on the various issues such as the economy, education system, social security, and so on. We are proud to have a developed set of platforms that collectively form our vision and manifesto. We start by indicating the kind of political system we would like to see in Singapore, and in the coming days we’ll add on the other topics.

 It’s well and good to have a manifesto, but it is equally important tell Singaporeans how we’re going to achieve our goals. This is set out in the section How We’ll Succeed.

 Finally no political party can succeed without the support of the people and no democracy can come to a nation if its citizens don’t step forward. Where To Get Us encourages Singaporeans to join us and/or support us financially; you’ll find our contacts there.

 Another new feature is the PAP’s Broken Promises where we’ve tracked down what the ruling party promises before elections and what it does after. Be sure to visit the section whenever it’s updated—we guarantee you’ll find some gems in there.

 Other new features include the section on The Truth About where we expose many of the things that the Government has tried to keep away from the eyes and minds of the people. We’re putting up the stuff about the elections system first and work our way down the list in the course of this week and the next.

 Also be sure to visit our feature on the Young Democrats where we begin with a message from the President of the SDP’s youth wing, Mr Charles Tan. It is the Democrats’ view that we must invest in our youth and get them political aware and active if we’re going to secure for ourselves a free and democratic future. So come on, young Singaporeans, show the Young PAP that you’re no pushovers!

 Our Publications will tell you the history of SDP’s and Dr Chee Soon Juan’s reports and books. And if you want to visit our old website, click on to Website Classic and it’ll take you there. Of course there are also the regular features of Rhetoric vs Reality and Telling It Like It Is which has become rather popular with our visitors.

 Then there is the staple of this website: news articles and commentaries that help to keep Singaporeans updated and knowledgeable about politics and political developments in Singapore.

One final thing: Enjoy.