SDP working to give us fishing rod

Dear SDP,

I have been following what you have bee doing and saying for just a few months. Already I can see that you will grow and become an important player in Singapore’s politics in the future.

Singaporeans may not be aware of what you are trying to do now because of the stupid Government’s blocking here and there of news. But many of the more intelligent Singaporeans are not blind and we can see for ourselves what is important for us.

Democracy is like the fishing rod that allows us to catch the fish. The PAP gives us fish every now and then. When times are good, they may give us the head, they always get to eat the best part of the fish. When times are bad, they give us the tail and bones.

The SDP’s efforts will help us get our fishing rods and for that we will prosper. Don’t give up and keep fighting. There is more support out there than you realize.


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