Francis Seow writes foreword for CSJ’s book

Foreword for The Power of Courage

Packed within this slim volume are thoughtful sayings of several notable persons, who had preached over the years the wisdom—and the practice—of non-violence against tyrannical governments and their self-serving laws. Dr. Chee Soon Juan, a bright and intelligent Singaporean patriot, has argued with compelling logic the necessity of resorting to non-violence as a means of bringing an arrogant and insensitive government to its senses.

He has touched —and quite correctly so in my view—on the sorry psyche of the average Singaporean around whom he has woven the wisdom of those notable personages into this most readable book: the sum total of unjust laws can be brought to nought without resorting to violence.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan, whom I have the privilege to know, is not only a kind but also temperate professional. He speaks of the political goings-on in Singapore with avalanchine logic and disappointment. Not only is he politically courageous, which he has demonstrated many a time—even to the extent of going to jail for it, but he also possesses great political timbre that he has been perceived as a dangerous political antagonist, who has to be destroyed by any means possible, be it fair or foul.

This book contains well reasoned arguments why Singaporeans should not tolerate unjust and unreasonable laws and regulations perpetuated by an insensible government whose historical leader publicly brags of thuggish conduct and who takes sadistic pleasure in threatening perceived foes to meet him in dark alleys armed with knuckle-dusters and even stilettos. Dr. Chee Soon Juan is no thug or gangster but a gentle professional who believes rather in the power of persuasion by words and conduct.

Francis T. Seow

9th June, 2005

Boston, Massachusetts

The other foreword is written by Robert L. Helvey, President of the Albert Einstein Insitute and author of On Strategic Non-Violent Struggle: Thinking About the Fundamentals.

The Power of Courage will be on sale for $10 at the public launch on 9 July 2005, Saturday. Make a date to learn more about empowering yourselves as citizens of this country and how we can bring about political change instead of just talking about it!