Police return Ho’s computer but confiscates T-shirts

Dear Mr Yong,

I have today, Sun 3 Jul 05, around almost noon, received my computer system from Mr Prabakar and his men.

However, I regret that I will not be able to check any of it for damage and proper functioning until my son returns from NS camp coming Sat 9 Jul 05. Until my son checks it, I will not be able to know if I need to ask

you for repair/s to any of it if caused by your [mis]handling.

On another point, I found a roll of new Xerox black toner cartridge in the box, probably for one of your copier machines, inadvertently left behind in the box given to me.

If you want this back, please collect it from me or my maid, Siti, at my home address below. Please call first to confirm that we are in. I will inform my maid of this likely collection when she is back from her Sunday off today.

I note that my T-shirts, about 4 of them, printed with the words [raising questions about the 1997 elections] is still retained by Mr Prabakar, as is my plastic bag of about $100 worth of photocopies of my document on the same subject. I look forward to having these back when you are done with them.


Robert Ho

8 June 2005

Mr. Anthony NG Kin Hian
Commander ‘D’ Div

20 Clementi Avenue 5

Singapore 129858

Dear Sir,


1. My name is Robert HO Chong, NRIC S0197974D.

2. I was arrested by your officers on Sun 27 Feb 05 around 4pm at home, for earlier distributing about 20 copies to about 20 shops at WestMall (of a document I had photocopied in WestMall Shopping Mall).

3. This document, is a personal testimony I gave to the Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia (ARDA) chaired by Dr Chee Soon Juan in a forum on Elections in Singapore conducted by an International Study Mission. This 6-page testimony raised questions about the counting process in the 1997 General Election in Cheng San GRC.

4. The next day, Mon 28 Feb 05, your officers came to my condo apartment in Guilin View to seize my entire computer system including my multifunction printer-scanner-copier leaving only the speakers. The seized system cost about $6,500 when new. It is still worth considerably now.

5. I was taken straight from your police cell to the Institute of Mental Health for a medical consideration. I was ordered released by the doctors on Fri 11 Mar 05 but held back on the orders of your officer until 15 Mar 05 when I was finally released.

6. I was not charged. I cannot be charged because if so, my testimony will become public in court.

7. Your Senior Investigation Officer, Mr Prabakar, phoned my wife that my seized computer system would be returned if I ‘gave no further mischief’ or words to that effect.

8. This is now Mon 6 Jun 05. I need all my data in my computer as well as all my software applications to continue with my life. A computer is not just a device. It is an encyclopaedia, a dictionary, a music system, a medical reference source, a gaming device, an endless source of news, a means to perform banking operations and pay bills, and above all, it, through email, keeps me in touch with family and friends as well as make business enquiries and perform transactions.

9. I now ask you to return my seized computer system as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Robert Ho

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