Let’s meet at Speakers’ Corner over NKF matter

Leaders and members of the Singapore Democrats will be at Speakers’ Corner on 19 July 2005, Tuesday at 5:00 pm to meet with Singaporeans over the recent furore over the NKF. The recent revelations transcend the NKF as an organization. The matter reflects the broader issue of the lack of transparency and accountability in the way Singapore is run.

For example, the CPF is also administered in a very similar manner to NKF. The people’s money are hoarded and used for a myriad of purposes that do not benefit them. Worse, the people are not consulted and are kept in the dark as to what their money is being used for. The leaders then claim that they are going such a good job that they have to be paid mind-boggling salaries.

Singaporeans can meet at the Speakers’ Corner and demand that as with the NKF, the way the Government runs the country must be more transparent and its leaders accountable. We must demand that these incomprehensible salaries that the PAP system pays its ministers and executives end.

The SDP speakers will speak on these issues and we encourage Singaporeans whose sensibilities have been offended by this NKF outrage, to also do the same. It is only when citizens speak up loudly and clearly that the Government will sit up and listen.

We will also discuss how the NKF episode can be resolved – and resolved satisfactorily in the public’s eye – and whether the Government is handling the matter with adequate transparency. We must see to it that nothing is swept under the carpet because citizens of this country have a right to know the truth.

So see you at the Speakers’ Corner on Tuesday 19 July 2005 at 5:00 pm. You only need to bring along your voice.

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