What’s the difference between the NKF and PAP?

The SDP received an email of a post by an Internet user “Talknoaction” on Sammyboy Alfresco Coffee Shop comparing the NKF and PAP. We reproduce it here with some editing. http://forums.delphiforums.com/sammyboymod/messages/?msg=77049.1

1. Both lack transparency.

2. Both keep huge reserves as the people they are supposed to help suffer. Both keep adding unnecessarily to reserves.

3. Both use defamation suits to silence critics.

4. Both pay their leaders astronomical sums. The Singapore leaders are paid higher than US leaders. Both see nothing wrong in overpaying the leadership even as Singaporeans suffer the high unemployment and recessions.

5. Both have insatiable need for money. One keeps expanding its fund raising activities, the other keep raising fees, GST etc.

6. Both love nice buildings. Compare NKF building to SingPost.

7. Both pretend to care for the poor as the leaders take astronomical pay.

8. Both have used the word “PEANUTS” in the same context.

9. Both believe in use of spin. The masses were led to believe they were getting Swiss standard of living.

10. Both are not cost effective in serving the people.

11. One is run by a Durian the other built 2 durians with tax payer’s money.

12. Both believe in the extensive use of foreign talent instead of Singaporeans. In NKF more than 60% are foreign talent.

13. Both are led by authoritarian style leadership.

14. Both play hardball: NKF has been getting more and more donation using hard sell tactics, the PAP threatens to not to upgrade your flats if you vote the opposition.

15. Both like to use fuzzy statistics and spin. One claims Singapore workers are paid higher than US workers, the other claimed its reserves will last only 3 years.

16. Both have leadership with directorship in external companies…potentially resulting in conflicts of interests.

17. Both are arrogant.

18. Both like to use the word “world class”.

19. Both used the reserves for overseas investment instead of helping Singaporeans. Durai invested in a call center while the PAP regime invests in everything. Both make Singaporeans pay more for medical treatment than necessary while keeping monstrous reserves.

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