Young Democrats seek concrete action on NKF issue

Interested young Singaporeans between the age of 18 to 35, can email Young Democrats (YD) at and voice their opinions on how they feel about the NKF trial. Writers can also contribute ideas on what young Singaporeans can do to ensure that appropriate actions are being taken to address the issue of non-transparency in the NKF.

Similarly, the matter has also thrown light on the need for greater accountability with regards to the sourcing and using of public funds. The YD believes that there should be greater debate on transparency among local charities, government linked corporations, and salaries held by cabinet ministers.

Suggested practical actions that youths can take with regards to the abovementioned issues will then be compiled and released on our website. We will also call for participation of Singapore’s youth in executing these proposals.

We include below some proposals for action by an activist for interested youths who wants to join us to debate on the NKF saga:

  1. Government to exercise Charities Act.
  2. Government to set example by publishing ministers’ monthly salaries, other benefits and perks, bonus (if any), directorships held and salaries and benefits held for those position.
  3. Singaporeans to suspend all donations to NKF. After all, they have 30 years of reserves.
  4. Singaporeans to donate to other charities which are socially accountable and transparent.
  5. Singaporeans to pursue the matter until NKF account is fully investigated.
  6. Government to declare those who had prior knowledge of NKF’s extravagance but chose not to speak up.
  7. Mrs Goh Chok Tong to publicly apologise for “peanuts” remark.
  8. Singaporeans to form watchdog group to monitor corruption, transparency in charities and government bodies.
  9. Mediacorp to reveal payments to show hosts, artistes, directors, producers for NKF shows.

YD believes that young Singaporeans can do a lot more with regards to the above issues. We hope to hear from you.

Charles Tan
PresidentYoung Democrats
Singapore Democratic Party
18 July 2005

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