SDP ideas more coherent now

Dear SDP,

I have been I would admit an often harsh and trenchant critic of the SDP from a policy perspective. The last election and the SDP’s economic manifesto though populist lacked thought and critical thinking from the public policy and economic angle, they just did not make sense.

I would like to congratulate the team and personnel behind the new website and their analysis and policy criticisms thus far. They have provided intellectual
economic coherence to your ideas. Though I may still have disagreement with some of these ideas they are at least more defensible then the efforts previously in the 2001 GE.


SDP: Dear Marcus,

We thank you for your compliments on website and manifesto. It is odd, however, that you have found the present set of policy alternatives better than the ones in the 2001 GE. Essentially, the proposals have not changed since 2001. It is basically derived from Dr Chee Soon Juan’s book Your Future, My Faith, Our Freedom: A Democrtic Blueprint for Singapore that was written and published in 2001. The only difference is that in the last GE the media refused to publicise our manifesto. This time round we have decided to post it more prominently in our revamped website. This reinforces our message that without an independent media in Singapore, it is extremely difficult for the people to know about the opposition’s programmes.

Nonetheless, we thank you for your email and encouragement.