Unbelievably rude taxi driver from SDP?

Dear Sir,

I am a polytechnic student and was in a rush on 25 July ‘2005. Doing what most people who are in a rush would do, my friend and I flagged a taxi. It was the most unfortunate event that has happened to me since becoming aware of the fact that Singaporeans should be proud to be what they are: Singaporeans.

Upon entering the taxi, we were overwhelmed by a stale stench of smoke. But
that is not the main issue here as your party is obviously not the ENV. Being a relatively talkative and easily excitable person, I started talking to the taxi driver, a middle aged Chinese man, about the electronic road map that was in operation in his taxi. He started talking nicely first, then he began to criticize the road map. He eventually became emotional to the point of violence. The only problem with this sudden surge in emotions was that this man was talking about Singapore, my beloved homeland. Apparently, this man is Taiwanese, and kept condemning the Singapore government, and went on to, also, condemn its people. He called us “shallow and ignorant”, and made rude and vulgar references with regard to Singapore’s size and her arrogance.

What shocked me the most, was that this man claimed that he was from the SDP. He very sarcastically repeated time and time again that he is “a man from the SDP”. He even criticized the party saying that it had no links to his “beloved Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party”. My question to the SDP is, are you aware of having such a member in your ranks? If so, is it absolutely appropriate for a Taiwanese person, who is extremely unreasonable, not to mention repulsive, to be a member of the SDP?

I humbly apologise for this letter if the SDP does not have such a member. I am a strong supporter of democracy and have been a frequent visitor to your website for close to 3 years now. However, if a man like that taxi driver could claim that he is a member of the SDP without fear or hesitation, and most importantly, with no sense of shame, I think the SDP has to rethink how it projects itself to the people of our country.


SDP: The Party does not have members from Taiwan.

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