SDP International?

Hello, Dr. Chee,

It has been 2 months I last emailed to you from Japan and I do not even have a thank you email from you on suggestions to change your website. I’m not sent by ,

Pappy to be friends with you. I’m on volunteer exile in Japan to enjoy the new found life here with my children like Tang Liang Hong and Francis Seow.

How can I support you from overseas? Raising fund is out of the questions but maybe industrial developments, investments, recruitment is my specialty.

Meanwhile keep fighting and keep cool using your website tools. It is a matter of time when LKY kicks the bucket. We all outlive him that is for sure we are on the advantage



SDP: Dear Marc,

We apologise for not responding earlier. We receive many letters, but due to our constraints in resources, we have difficulty responding to, or posting, all of them on our website.

But even if we don’t get to your emails, please be assured that we read them and consider your suggestions very seriously. We had intentions to revamp our website, and to introduce all the new features since last year but wanted to delay it until we were closer to the upcoming elections before uploading the new website. Your suggestion certainly reinforced our view that the website needed to be upgraded, and for that we are most grateful.

Your other suggestion of helping us to recruit members is an excellent one. We are aware that there are many Singaporeans living overseas who love their country deeply and who want to see democracy take root here. Why don’t you help us initiate a Singapore Democrats International network where overseas Singaporeans can join and be a part of the SDP family? This would be a tremendous boost for those of us fighting for democracy at home. Perhaps we can start by discussing this idea here.

Again we apologise for the tardy response. Your letters are greatly valued. Please continue to stay in touch.

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