Indonesian satellite radio interested in broadcasting RadioSDP programmes

Radio68H, a Jakarta-based satellite radio station, is interested in broadcasting RadioSDP’s programmes on its region wide program called Asia Calling (

The station has invited RadioSDP to become a partner which will allow the podcast to be broadcast from Jakarta to the rest of Asia via satellite every Saturday.

Radio68H was set up, following the overthrow of Suharto, as a news station to provide news programs for its partner stations all across Indonesia. It has since expanded its operation to broadcast throughout Asia.

Asia Calling is a weekly radio programme broadcast by Radio68H every Saturday in English at 8:30 am. The programme is also broadcast on regional member stations in both English and local languages. Its website provides the latest programme transcripts and recordings.

The regional radio programme was launched at the Asean Bali Summit in October 2003 and has a network of correspondents reporting on breaking news stories as well as doing more in-depth feature on South-East and East Asia.

The station’s Development Officer, Mr Faried Cahyono, wrote to the Singapore Democrats: “We hope the internet RadioSDP can become one of our partners.”

The SDP has accepted the invitation and is in the process of working out the details for its podcasts to be transmitted via Jakarta into the region. Unfortunately, Singaporeans will be unable to tune in because the PAP bans satellite dishes in the country.

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