Applause for SDP

Dear Members of the Singapore Democratic Party,

I came to know about RadioSDP when I was reading the online edition of Today, local free newspaper. I would like to congratulate Dr. Chee Soon Juan on his excellent podcast which I believe will be well received by many.

I am turning 23 years old this year and will be eligible to vote in the next General Elections (whenever that may be). However, reviewing the policies of PAP and the strategies of SDP, I will have to applaud the leaders of SDP in devising a way to counter attack the Ruling Party. In the event that the SDP gets listed in the General Elections, you have my vote! Otherwise, you have my support in your proposed undertakings to counter attack the PAP. This webpage is simple but conveys a very strong message about Singapore. More of such webpages will be good in helping SDP win the support of the people. God bless SDP.

Supporting True Democracy in Singapore,


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