Bounden duty of S’poreans to break unjust laws

Dear Mr Wong Kan Seng,

Have you read Dr. Chee’s response to your urging Singaporean’s to uphold the law? What Dr. Chee says is that the law need not necessarily be right and need not necessarily be followed. Hitler’s laws were not right. So are your PAP laws. Are you suggesting that all Germans comply with Hitler’s laws and all Singaporean’s comply with unjust PAP laws?

I say that many Singapore laws are unjust, unconstitutional, arbitrary, inhumane and against the laws of humanity and conscience. It is not just the right but in fact, the bounden duty, of all Singaporeans to intentionally break them. To break your unjust laws is in fact honorable, although you will conveniently and shamelessly call it illegal.

This email is being copied to Dr Chee and to Mr M Ravi, the prominent brilliant death penalty lawyer, opposition political activist, and internationally well-known civil rights leader.

As you know Mr Ravi has single handedly managed to put Singapore on the world map as having the world’s highest human hanging-by-the-neck-to-kill rate. Mr. M Ravi has managed to expose the various human rights violations that go on in Singapore. Mr. M Ravi has caused considerable embarrassment to your Singapore PAP administration, for which actions he has been applauded, not only by me but also by the free world.

My dear Mr. Wong, what do you say to all this then? Can you not admit that Mr Ravi is right? Can you not admit that Dr. Chee is right?