Frustrations of a S’porean family

Dear Dr Chee,

I’m a frequent visitor to you website. I find that the news on your website is news that is not featured in Singapore’s media.

I’m a low income Singaporean who is not happy about what’s happening in Singapore. I feel at times that Singapore citizens are treated like second class citizens.

My husband and I were retrenched about four years ago. We went for many interviews after our retrenchment but were repeatedly rejected due to our age. Is there a law in our constitution that states that anyone above fifty years old is only entitled to be a janitor or cleaner? It seems that only foreigners are getting the best jobs in Singapore.

To add to my unemployment frustration, my daughter’s problems trouble me as well. She is a diploma holder who is looking to enter a university. When she applied to local universities, she was rejected despite having sufficient grades.

The government keeps on giving scholarships to foreign students. If you look around you can find students of all nationality. However a Singaporean girl can’t get a scholarship in a local university. I keep on reading that intake for poly students have increased. Yet I wonder how true are these reports. Foreign students are happily enjoying all the facilities in Singapore, whereas our children are crying in silent.
God Save Us.


SDP: Dear Mrs Mala,

The Singapore Democrats not only hear your frustrations, we feel them as well. This is why we fight so hard for Singaporeans to have a voice. We say again that if elections were the way to address and solve some of your problems, we would pursue it with heart and soul. Unfortunately, trying to win seats in Parliament under the PAP designed-election rules is futile.

We need to focus our energy on reforming the election system and ensuring that the opposition has an even chance of getting elected. When this happens, your voice as well as the voices of thousands of Singaporeans will be carried into parliament on the SDP vehicle and you can be sure then that the PAP will listen and do something about your problems.

Until then we must dig in and work to bring about such changes. Never despair, Winston Churchill once said. Democracy and justice will prevail. In the meantime consider joining our cause. We need every mind, every pair of hands and legs.

We wish you and your family all the very best.

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