Have more protesters

Dear Dr Chee,

Thank you very much and congratulations on the recent four-person protest. It is a start. You have succeeded in this start of protests. It has been reported internationally. I think we should not stop now. Have these protests regularly. With more coverage among the general public, more and more people will be emboldened and join. The government then will become helpless.

If you do not mind, my suggestion is this. No need to stick to four or less demonstrators. The measly number of four and above to need permit, is ridiculous. Have 5, 10 or 100 protestors. When asked to disperse, refuse. Lay down. The police will have to drag them. This will result in even wider publicity and coverage.

If you accept that these laws against peaceful protest are unjust, then why comply. After it, it is nonviolent action that we propose. We have to break the law, not comply with unjust laws.

I suggest do it very often. If these protests become routine, then public will accept it. We are trying to change the thinking of the Singaporean.


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