Democrats working on vBlogging

With the successful introduction of RadioSDP, the Singapore Democrats are now working on using vblogging to expand its communication with Singaporeans.

Vblogging, or videoblogging, is the use of visual as well as audio elements in a blog. The technology will be a major breakthrough in enhancing the SDP’s effectiveness in reaching out to the people, something which the PAP Government has spared no effort to prevent.

Unlike podcasting, however, vblogging requires much more resources and know-how. As such, the setting up of an SDP vblog will take some time.

With the advent of new technology, the Government will find it increasingly difficult to prevent news and information getting out to the people. Technology can be used to turn the tables on the state-controlled media and the SDP, for the sake of the people, is determined to see that this happens.

The only way that the Government can do this is to pass yet more oppressive and undemocratic laws to stop the setting of SDP’s vblog. Let it. We will challenge such a move if the PAP is desperate enough to attempt it.

In the meantime, the Party would like to encourage Singaporeans and pro-democracy organisations in this country to look into the technology and use it to fight for more openness and freedom for our country.

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